Google & Microsoft Chooses To Drop Out Of CES In-Person Event

Google & Microsoft Chooses To Drop Out Of CES In-Person Event

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is all set to happen from January 5 to January 8 and an in-person event in Las Vegas. It’s the tech event where you can learn about cutting-edge products, experiences, and ideas from over 1,600 firms. But, unfortunately, big names like Google, Intel, Lenovo, AT&T, T-Mobile, Meta, Twitter, TikTok,  Amazon,  Pinterest, and Microsoft are dropping out from the guest list of this event. 


What was described as a return to form for the consumer electronics industry after nearly two years of virtual exhibits has suddenly lost pace in the last week, as fears about the omicron version – along with a likely Christmas travel spike – have grown.


Google added, “We have chosen not to have a presence on the show floor of CES 2022 after thorough study. We’ve decided that it’s the greatest option for our teams’ health and safety. We’ll keep working closely with CTA and our partners to find and support virtual opportunities, and we’re excited to share the newest Google developments with you all.”


Even though significant name losses continue to pile up, the show’s regulatory body, the CTA, remains adamant in its resolve to keep the event running in early January. 


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