Google Duo To Merge With Google Meet

Google Duo To Merge With Google Meet

The tech giant Google aims to merge its two different video calling apps, Duo and Meet, into one platform.

Released in 2016, Duo is an Android and iOS app that offers end-to-end encrypted video calls on low bandwidth networks. Google Play Store has more than 5 billion downloads and more than 9 million reviews.

Meet, which replaced Hangouts in 2020, is a video conferencing app that manages remote meetings with hundreds of participants. With the shift to remote work, Meet is growing in popularity, adding 2 million new users every day.

For Duo users, the app’s name will change to Meet later this year. Conversation history, contacts, and messages won’t be affected, and a new app download won’t be required. 

Once the integration is complete, Duo users can easily schedule a video conference or continue using video calling to connect with a person or group instantly.

Duo’s existing video calling features will remain the same, including making video calls with friends and family by phone or email, using fun filters and effects, sending messages, and asking Google Assistant to call from existing devices.

                                                         Source: Google

This upgrade will give Duo users enhanced features, previously only available on Meet, to help make the most of their time together, including the ability to:

->Customize virtual backgrounds in calls and meetings.
->Schedule meetings so that everyone can attend at a time preferred to them.
->Use in-meeting chat for deeper engagement.
->Share live content to allow interaction with everyone on the call.
->Get real-time subtitles to maintain accessibility better and increase participation.
->Increase video call size from 32 to 100 participants.
->Integration with other tools, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Assistant, Messages, etc.

                                                             Source: Google

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