Android Studio Dolphin Introduces New Improvements

Android Studio Dolphin Introduces New Improvements

The latest release by Android Studio named “Dolphin (2021.3.1)” will help create high-quality apps with improved Jetpack Compose screen previews, support extending Wear OS, and introduce Gradle Managed Virtual Devices to streamline test automation. Android Studio Dolphin focuses on three key aspects: Wear OS, Jetpack Compose, and development productivity.


Jetpack Compose screen preview brings three new features: an animation inspector, multi preview annotations, and recomposition counts.


Multi preview annotations reduce boilerplate code through preview definitions that determine which devices to develop previews for, the fonts and themes to operate, and so on. 


The animation preview inspector helps preview and fine-tune animations by permitting you to freeze an animation or operate it frame-by-frame.


The Compose recomposition count indicates how often a re-rendered view is recomposed. It will help identify cases where too-recurring recomposition may negatively affect performance.


Additionally, the team added a range of Wear OS features, including an updated Wear OS Emulator, an intuitive Pairing Assistant, and new deployment flows, making it much easier and more efficient than ever to create great apps for WearOS.


Gradle Managed Virtual Devices is a new feature that promises to make it easier to work with and set up emulators for testing. The team enabled this feature to centrally manage your test devices to make you even more productive when using Android Studio.


As a final note, Android Studio Dolphin updates have several improvements and suggestions, including better Kotlin debugging and remote coding support. Users can install Android Studio Dolphin directly from a previous version or download it from the Google Android website.

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