Microsoft Teams Will Stop Working On These Apple Devices

Microsoft Teams Will Stop Working On These Apple Devices

Microsoft has declared that its video conferencing service will work solely on iOS 14 and above versions. IOS 13 and below devices users will still be able to access the existing Microsoft teams build 3.17.0, but they will not get upcoming app updates. The change is expected to take place in October 2021. ( Microsoft Teams will now work on iOS 14 and above versions only)

Microsoft also revealed that users would not reinstall their Microsoft Teams build from the iOS App Store if they uninstall Microsoft teams or reset their device. (Un Updated version will be available on IOS 13 and below devices)

Earlier, the Microsoft teams app was limited to desktop. But recently, the company has declared that the IOS and android device users will also be able to use the app for its video conferencing service in meetings as hybrid working is in the trend that’s why Microsoft wants to make teams more mobile-friendly. (The update is to make the ‘teams’ more friendly)

Microsoft also declared that the Microsoft Teams would read charts and posts out loud on IOS and Android devices. (Microsoft Teams would read charts and posts on IOS and Android devices) However, the function will only be working on the content within the Microsoft Teams, which was available only on the web and desktop versions of the teams. (

This update is similar to Microsoft Outlook’s update as Outlook also announced that it would not support iOS devices. In addition, it will work only on two versions: the current and the previous one. (Update will work in two versions: the current and the previous one)

Here is the takeaway, The new updates from Microsoft Teams will be a bane for the users of iOS 13 or below devices, but it is a boon for employees as it will be easier for them to make calls from their portable device.

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