Microsoft Announces Changes In Licensing Policies

Microsoft Announces Changes In Licensing Policies

This week, Microsoft announced a change in licensing and hosting Policies for Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program partners and their customers. These changes include various revisions and upgrades to benefit the partners and their customers globally. It is supposed to start from coming October 1.

Need of the hour?

Microsoft has been in the headlines due to its licensing rules. The old licensing rules restrict what products 3rd-party data centers can use …, especially when compared to Microsoft Azure. It just got highlighted that OVHCloud lodged a complaint with the European Commission in 2021, and numerous of the “Fair Software Licensing Principles” were questioned at Microsoft too.

Now, the new rules aim to handle complaints from rival European cloud providers about Microsoft’s anti-competitive practices. On this, MVP of Microsoft, CVP Nicole Dezen, explained that they recognize the importance of a competitive environment in the European cloud provider market, where smaller competitors can thrive. It is, therefore, critical for them to remain mindful of their responsibilities as a major technology company.

What will be the Changes?

The new changes include:

  • Extended Opportunities

The new policies will focus on European Cloud Providers, facilitating more opportunities for cloud providers and their associations.

  • Stability in pricing

The new modification will offer cloud providers and their customers more stability around price – eliminating that volatility will let the cloud providers compete against on-premises in more areas.

  • License Mobility

Microsoft is adding “license mobility” rights to Software Assurance for Windows Server, Windows desktop, and Office licenses – permitting them to be used on shared and reliable hardware from European Cloud Providers.

  • Windows Server licensing

Microsoft is introducing the option to buy Windows Server just for the virtual ability needed, without relation to the physical hardware. It is confirmed by now that all the changes will be applicable globally, but it will be better to wait till the official launch.

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