Google Workspace New Update: Now Gmail Will Take Calls Too

Google Workspace New Update: Now Gmail Will Take Calls Too

Gmail is all set for an upgrade that will showcase the true potential that Google expects it to reach for its user base. 

A new Google workspace update was recently unveiled that would drastically alter how Gmail users communicate with one another in the future. In addition, users will be able to use the Gmail app to improve their communication. Thus, making Gmail “A Central Hub” for contact for every Google application.

One of the most appealing features of this new Gmail upgrade is the option to call or start a meeting right from your inbox. Instead of searching through your contacts for a phone number or opening another app, you may reach a Google user directly using their email address without leaving the website or mobile app. This means that users who merely wish to send a message to contact via chat rather than a more formal email can do so by going to Gmail’s Chat tab and typing a message to them. These messages will also sync to other devices equipped with the Gmail app, such as their phones.

Other workspace features include Chat, Spaces, Meet tabs, and Mail in the revamped Gmail interface. Google is also introducing Spaces to the Gmail app, which is a significant enhancement.

Google Meet will now allow users to “ring” another Google user – but only from within the Gmail mobile app, not from within the Meet app. When the feature is activated, you’ll be able to call your Gmail app just like any other VOIP program (in addition to joining Google Meet meetings). Moreover, Google promises the standalone Meet app will acquire the same capacity to make calls, not simply create group meetings.

While famous messaging applications like WhatsApp are still adding real multi-device support, the Google Workspace upgrade will allow Gmail users to accept calls on their desktops and phones. “You’ll soon be able to call team members directly from a one-on-one chat. This will ring their Gmail mobile device and send a call chip to a chat on their laptop, allowing them to respond from any device,” Sanaz Ahari, Gmail’s Senior Director of Product Management, explains.

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