Google Revamps Search With AI Technology: Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

Google Revamps Search With AI Technology:  Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

Google has announced plans to improve Google Search by incorporating AI developments such as the Multitask Unified Model (MUM). At the Search On event, the business highlighted new features for leveraging MUM for web searches by offering relevant material and improving web searches to become more natural and intuitive.

“Things to know” is one of the new features introduced, and it will focus on making web searches easier to grasp for consumers. Because this function recognizes how individuals search for information, it will provide search results relevant to the topic that people are most likely to look at first.

The company has explained this by searching “acrylic painting,” which would suggest “Things to Know,” such as how to get started with painting, different styles of acrylic painting, and many other topics. For the example mentioned above, Google could find around 350 different subjects relating to acrylic painting.

This tool will be available in the following months and will allow you to refine your Search, gain deeper insights, and connect visually rich pages of search results in new ways. These pages would compete with Pinterest since photographs put people’s visual inspiration into action.

Google is also improving video search to open more opportunities. The company already uses AI to detect crucial points in videos, and it now aims to add tools that will identify video subjects. This function will present relevant links to help users explore topics of interest, even if they are not covered explicitly in the movie. Then, when you do a relevant search, MUM will figure out the video and provide ideas.

According to Google, because YouTube is where the bulk of GenZ learns, an initial version of this function will be offered on YouTube Search, with more visual refinements introduced in the coming months.

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