DevOps Drives A New Approach To Cloud Development

DevOps Drives A New Approach To Cloud Development

According to a recent Gartner study, high-performing companies outperform lower-performing companies with 200 times more frequent deployments and 2555 times faster. High-performing companies outperform low performers with 24 times more rapid recovery and three times lower change error rates. This increases the need for companies to adopt DevOps to stay competitive and relevant in the business environment.

Even though companies understand the benefits of DevOps, the entire process requires a cultural change in the company’s operating model. Recognizing the DevOps Managed Services provider specializing in helping organizations adopt flexible development frameworks is the proven or fastest mode to drive meaningful organizational change.

In essence, DevOps intends to combine development and operation teams to eliminate years of delays in software development and automation of flexible development methods.

Today’s businesses are all about speed, efficiency, and cost optimization. This is a major factor influencing DevOps to drive new approaches to cloud development.

Speed: The cloud offers a centralized platform for development, testing, and production. Additionally, most cloud providers provide platform services that are fully integrated with DevOps tools so that development and IT operations teams can deliver products and upgrades at speed needed to remain highly competitive.

Efficiency: DevOps, along with the cloud, contributes to the most efficient development lifecycle. The cloud provides a continuous integration and development platform that also enables template-based deployments.

Cost-efficient: Cloud providers offer one-click deployment to auto-scaling containers or dynamically scalable databases that result in a higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional local deployments.

Top Ways To Approach Cloud App Development Enabled By DevOps
DevOps, neither a technology nor a tool, is a set of practices that involves one team or a member, but the entire organization must follow the process. DevOps requires the involvement of the business team to continuously share customer feedback so that the development team can seamlessly build features and functionalities. In general, DevOps allows entire companies to deliver products customers love at a faster pace.

Identify a DevOps managed partner  – Determining a managed partner who possesses rich experience in designing the DevOps process could be highly beneficial in identifying your requirements and documenting them.

Define your business requirement – It is vital to define project requirements related to business objectives and solve a business problem for you.

Define your current development cycle – You should effectively define the current development cycle and then overlap it with business requirements.

Build your initial DevOps process – Your DevOps managed partner can get started with the best practices and recommendations based on the gaps identified.

Choose your preferred DevOps tool and link to your Cloud Platform – Select tools available on the SaaS model and link to the cloud services that support availability.

DevOps is a game-changer for cloud development, and transition to a DevOps culture is an effective solution to rapid delivery, higher availability of services. Utilizing DevOps services in cloud projects is the latest trend in software development & testing that provides faster time-to-delivery of application 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