Apple Maps Is Updating Google And Waze Like Accident Reporting

Apple Maps Is Updating Google And Waze Like Accident Reporting

Apple Maps is making a new update that will let users report hazards, accidents, and speed checks while navigating to a destination. The new feature update is currently limited to the latest iOS 14.5 beta release, though Apple is looking forward to bring it along with the next public iOS release in the coming days. The new update looks quite similar to incident reporting available on Google Maps and Waze. Apple customers who are using maps can also use Siri to report an incident to Apple Maps using their voice.

A MacRumors report mentioned that the updated map feature on the iOS 14.5 beta conducts the feature to report incidents, which hazards, accidents, and speed checks. A new Report button for the feature appears alongside the existing Details, Add Stop, Share ETA, and Audio options. By clicking on that button, people can select the type of incident or hazard they want to report. 

There’s one more option to report incidents using Siri. This means that you could easily be able report an accident on your route just by saying, “Hey Siri, There’s an incident or accident on the road.

Apple Maps is probably to use a certain number of reports to reflect incident for all users. This is as similar as Google Maps and Waze and the way they allow users to report incidents. 

A MacRumors report also stated that apart from iOS devices, the reporting of incidents is also in the works for CarPlay systems. However, the feature is likely being tested only in the US initially and at a limited capacity, as not all people on the iOS 14.5 beta have been able to spot it on their devices.

But nevertheless, Apple Maps is quite probably to add incident reporting for a larger audience through the public release of iOS 14.5. Apple is also likely to make incident reporting available for all major markets over time.

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