What to Expect From Google Meet In 2022

What to Expect From Google Meet In 2022

Tech giant Google is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, accelerating the development of Google Meet for individuals, teams, and organizations. Google has been working on a wide array of new features for its apps and services, such as  Google Meet, Mail, and other services, which will be available soon globally. 

Here’s a list of what Meet and Gmail users can expect in the coming months.

Feature 1: In-meeting reaction using emojis – Google Meet users would be able to reply and react with emojis directly between ongoing calls. The reactions will appear in the participant’s video title or next to their name. The feature will be available to users next month.

Feature 2: Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Integration – Google is bringing Meet integration directly into Docs, Sheets, and Slides to build a hybrid work culture. With this, users can now quickly start a meeting and transfer it to their documents, spreadsheets and presentations and present directly in the current meeting, allowing meeting participants to collaborate in real-time.

Feature 3: ​Picture-in-picture (PiP) support for web – Google will be adding support for PiP in Meet. This feature will only work when Meet runs on the Chrome web browser, allowing users to multitask during a call. The feature will roll out next month, and users will be able to see four tiles of meeting participants in a floating window above other apps.

Feature 4: Automatic noise cancellation

Google is coming up with automatic noise cancellation for supported Asus and Acer hardware. This feature will automatically eliminate background noise for a better calling experience.

Feature 5: Personal video tile

Google Meet users will have the ability to select their personal video tile from Companion mode and their webcam soon.

Feature 6: ​Q&A support

Google will be adding Q&A support for Meet Livestream to allow live participants to participate in Q&A. The feature will roll out later this year.

Feature 7: Polls support

Google will also be adding polls to Google Meet during live broadcasts. This feature allows hosts to create polls on specific topics & participants will have the option to participate.

Feature 8: ​Livestream directly on YouTube

Google will add YouTube Meet integration to enable meeting organizers to stream meetings directly to YouTube from the activity tab.

Feature 9: ​In-line threading in Spaces

Google Space is bringing a new in-line threading option to allow members of a particular space to respond to specific comments and have side conversations. It will also help members keep their spaces organized.

Feature 10: Increased team size limit in Spaces

As of now,  only up to 8000 members are allowed in space. Google has announced that it will get bigger and allow up to 25,000 members later this year.

These new updates to Google Meet, Chat, and voice applications are aimed to improve communication and collaboration for hybrid teams.

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