Google To Add SMS Categories And Auto-OTP Deletion Features

Google To Add SMS Categories And Auto-OTP Deletion Features

Google is all set to roll out two new features for its Messages app. The tech giant is adding a new way to view messages as users receive various messages from friends and family and businesses delivering promotions, receipts, order confirmations, and other information.

The search giant introduces an SMS Categories feature, which sorts your messages into categories using machine learning technology. These contain personal information, transactions, one-time passwords, and more. The categories, according to Google, will “help you conveniently identify the messages that matter most at the exact moment you need them.”

That means bank transactions and bills will be filtered into the transactions tab, while conversations with saved numbers can be easily located in the personal tab. All of this happens safely on your device, so your conversations stay in the app, and you can access your categorized messages offline,” the company added in the blog post.

Google is now giving the option to automatically remove your one-time passwords to keep your inbox clean (OTPs). You won’t have to waste time manually removing them because they’ll be gone after 24 hours of receiving them.

To enable it, simply hit the “Continue” button when the suggestion prompt appears to confirm your selection. In addition, Google has stated that it would begin rolling them out in English in the following weeks. Android phones running Android 8 and newer versions will be able to take advantage of the new features.

The new auto-OTP deletion and SMS Categories functions are both configurable in settings. The upcoming features will be exclusively available to users in India. Therefore, one needs to ensure that they have the most recent version of the Google Messages app installed if you want to try them out.

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