Google Lets Site Owners Report Indexing Issues In Google Search Console

Google Lets Site Owners Report Indexing Issues In Google Search Console

Google has rolled out a new feature to report indexing issues with the click of a button. With Google’s latest update, you can access the feature in the footer of URL inspection. Being tested through a pilot program, this feature is available for United States users as of now.

After the success of the previous test that allowed Search Console users to report urgent bugs, the users can now execute the test for reporting an index. As stated briefly by the company, “currently piloting this in the US only and it should be fully available to all in the US within a week or less.” 

In the United States, any time soon, the signed-in search console users will be noticing a “Report an Indexing Issue” button. This tab will be available under the Index Coverage report and URL Inspection Tool articles in the Search Console Help Center. 

The “Report an Indexing Issue” button is designed to be used as a last option. As stated by Google, one of the easiest ways to find a solution to indexing issues is to seek advice from its support documentation or community forums. In any case, these resources cannot assist the site owners and resolve their issues; then, site owners can use the “Report an Indexing Issue” button to make Google aware of that particular problem. 

Once the user clicks the button, a form will appear on the screen asking the site owner to provide their name and the website URL. They can describe the issues by choosing the following options available: 

  • My web pages or website is not indexed in Google Search. 
  • My web pages or website is indexed but is not ranking appropriately in search results.

After performing this step, Google will then take the site owner through a series of troubleshooting steps. Those will be related to the issues the user is experiencing. If even after troubleshooting, the problem is not resolved, then the matter will be taken into consideration directly by Google. Once this feature is live for a few weeks, Google will reassess it and examine whether it would be helpful to expand it further. 

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