Google Is Testing Follow Button On Chrome For Websites That Support RSS

Google Is Testing Follow Button On Chrome For Websites That Support RSS

Google is experimenting with a new feature for its Chrome browser on Android that lets users stay updated with their favorite websites. This new feature will appear in Chrome’s overview and allows its users to “follow” sites for creating an updating list of new content they publish.

To use this newly launched feature, users have to simply click on the Follow button if they like a website. Once done, they will be able to see the latest content update by the website in a new “Following” section on the New Tab page of Chrome.

Janice Wong, Google Chrome Product Manager, mentioned: “the team’s goal is to help people “follow the websites they care about, from the large publishers to the small neighborhood blogs.” This can be done by simply tapping a Follow button in Chrome.”

The feature will leverage the potential of Really Simple Syndication(RSS) for gathering and displaying content from websites. The company recommends publishers keep their RSS feed up to date so that Chrome can provide the latest content from their websites with the help of this new feature.

This feature has been declared as a new experiment by Google on Chrome Canary, a Chrome version widely used by developers to test their websites and tools. So the ‘Follow’ button would be a restricted trial that will only be available to a small set of Android users in the United States on ‘Chrome Canary’ for the time being. If it proves popular, it will only be available in the next Beta update.

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