Google Announces Upgrades for Android tablets

Google Announces Upgrades for Android tablets

Google has come up with some extended upgrades to its Android tablet apps users. These updates are expected to start working from the upcoming week & mainly developed for Google Workspace apps. It is a great attempt from the end of Google to offer the ease of working on larger-screens.

Why sudden upgrades?

Different theories spread in the market; why is Google now paying extra attention to Android tablets after years? 

In that list, the only truth is that Google plans to make a big comeback to the Android tablet market in the coming years, dropping a tablet of its own for the first time after 2018’s disappointing Google Pixel Slate. It may also benefit different Android tablet producers who’ll see the software program on their devices improved.

The updates are coming as Google has shown a renewed interest in Android tablets over the prior yr. Earlier in 2022, it dropped Android 12L, a feature specially optimized for Android gadgets like tablets and foldable with large screens. Then, at its I/O developer conference in May, the corporates mentioned working with third-party builders to optimize apps like Zoom, Facebook, etc. Google will release updates for over 20 apps — a few of which we see instantly.

What to expect?

Drive, Docs, and Sheets are up to date to support the drag and drop feature, letting you drag elements like pictures and textual content from one app to another. Meanwhile, Drive is getting the capacity to open two records of data aspect by aspect, the same as the performance Apple delivered to the iPad with 2019’s iPadOS replacement. The keyboard shortcut is also coming to Docs, Drive, and Slides, making them far more environment-friendly for everyone using a Bluetooth or wired keyboard connected to their Android tablet.

Marketplace for foldable is also rising gradually, which depends on having a software program optimized for tablets to get the most from the elevated expanded screen real estate. Interest is growing because this segment falls in the context of the broader smartphone market. Also, there have been constant rumors that Google is developing a foldable machine.

Undoubtedly, Android tablet owners will be thankful for these more valuable upgrades in the here and now, regardless of whether these huge plans will work out.

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