Everything About Google Android 12 Go Edition

Everything About Google Android 12 Go Edition

This week Google finally released the new features and updates of the first Android 12 (Go Edition) devices, which will launch in 2022. According to Google, they will have 30% faster animation. With this new update when consumers will activate their apps, the new SplashScreen API will assist Android developers in providing this consistently pleasant experience.

Apps will be hibernated by the upgraded OS, which will preserve battery life and storage. Meanwhile, the Data Go program allows users to restore files after 30 days, allowing them to erase files when they need to clear up space safely.

Moreover, the new update will also add the following features:

– Guest profiles on the lock screen.

– Using Nearby Share and Google Play, you’ll be able to conserve data by sharing apps directly with nearby devices.

– A new privacy dashboard is also being added by Google. It allows you to cancel rights if necessary when some app accesses your microphone or any data.

– The ability to listen to the news and translate on-screen content into your language.

Android (Go edition) was released in 2017 with the purpose of allowing more people to use Android and Google through low-cost phones. According to Google, over 200 million people actively use an Android (Go edition) phone.

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